The Coffee Nerd Gift Guide

If you're anything like me...

you have a hard time not only buying gifts, but also knowing what to ask for when holidays or birthdays come around.  I feel like as I've gotten older my hobbies and interests have become exponentially more expensive.  Coffee thankfully is a little different.  You can spend as much as you'd like, but there are lots of great inexpensive options for the coffee lover in your life. So I figured I'd post a few of my personal favorite pieces of coffee paraphernalia that make great gift ideas.

Angels' Cup Subscriptions - Starting at $10.99/month

I personally love this idea, and will be submitting coffee I've roasted to this program in the very near future.  Basically they send you a monthly box with four coffees that are meant to be tasted blind.  Using the Angels' Cup app on your phone you put the sample number that is on the bag, taste and grade the coffee, and then compare your scores and notes to not only the roaster themselves, but with all the others who have tasted it.  It's a lot of fun, and a really great way to develop your palate.

Latte Art Dice -  Varies by exchange rate $25.50/dice

If you have a barista in your life you know the struggle to decide what latte art design to pour is real.  Take the edge off by giving the gift of the original Latte Art Dice.  You can also choose between different difficulties from beginner to advanced.  Recently they also added Latte Art Cards for those of you who prefer to play Sproker.  They are all  handmade from wood and the designs are etched.  Not only are functional, but aesthetic too.  Best of both worlds.

Department of Brewology - Varies by item $10 to $60

Most notably known for their 'Filter Coffee Not People' range of designs, but have a wide variety of pins, stickers, prints, and apparel that most coffee folk would appreciate to receive as a gift.  I personally have a couple of their Barista Merit Badges, a couple art prints, and some stickers.  Most coffee people have some room on their wall, their apron, or their laptop for some cool coffee art.

I should say that I am not being paid to promote any of the products or services on this list.  These are all products I own, or have used.  If you are looking for more specific recommendations, particularly in terms of anything home espresso or brewing related feel free to reach out here or on Instagram.  Thanks for stopping by, Happy Holidays, and best of luck in your coffee gifting endeavors!


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