Grip It & Rip It – 2018 Year in Review

As I bid farewell to 2018...

I can't help but look back on a year that has brought me many challenges, successes, and cups of coffee.  Starting this blog was only one of many new additions to my life in 2018. I also continue to co-host a coffee focused podcast with three friends.  I've become a professional coffee roaster who provides coffee to two cafes, and multiple wholesale accounts.  Lastly I've had hundreds of cups of coffee from roasters all over the world.

The first post on this blog was on December 31st of 2018.  As the one year anniversary of that post passed I thought about how much I've learned and gained from doing this.  I really felt like the home barista needed more representation in the specialty coffee scene.  Having been a home barista for quite some time I always struggled to find the information I needed.  I found most forums either completely deserted, or full of toxic, over-opinionated people.  I felt like having an active and approachable home barista personality would be a great resource for those looking to learn, or just step up their coffee game.

Also in 2018 I left a steady job with a great company, Joyride Coffee.  Leaving that job was stressful, but I began to feel detached from the coffee industry and really wanted to dive in.  So dive in I did.  In April I began roasting, and to date I've now roasted over 11,500 pounds of coffee.  Not only have I learned my way around a Diedrich roaster , but I'm also in charge of developing roast profiles, purchasing green coffee, maintaining stock, and training an assistant.  Among many other things.

Lastly, I've had a ton of coffee.  Yet, I feel like thinking back on all of the coffees I've tried in 2018 there is one roaster that stands out in my mind.  That roaster is Brandywine Coffee Roasters out of Wilmington, Delaware.  Not only do they consistently release some of the best coffees available, but their branding and bag design are standout in an industry full of amazing artwork.  Each of their bag designs are not only made in house, they are also screen printed onto each bag.  To top it off they add a wax stamp.  It's no guarantee that a bag that beautifully designed has to have a beautiful coffee inside.  But having had ten of their releases this year, not one has disappointed me.  They are my 2018 Roaster of the Year.

As I move into 2019 I'm excited for what the future has in store.  You can most definitely count on lots of great coffee content coming from this blog, in both written and video form.  I also will be re-branding from "The Quintessential Home Barista" to just plain ol' Sprometheus.  Don't forget to subscribe to the blog, my YouTube channel, follow me on Instagram, and on Facebook so you don't miss one bit of the coffee action!


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