Coffee Time – A Two Coffee Morning

Some mornings just call for two coffees...

and since I am trying to cram in a lot of work and planning prior to heading to the SCA Expo in Portland, now seems like as good of a time as any to drink a little extra coffee. So armed with the brand new Niche Duo that sports two sets of burrs (one for filter and one for espresso) it seems like the perfect opportunity to show my workflow and how it all comes together. Beyond seeing how it works and performs when it comes to  brewing espresso and  pour over, you also get a front row seat to the unique burr swap and how it's zeroed.

So while you soak up all this relaxing coffee brewing goodness I'll be braving the crowds to bring you coverage of the coolest new coffee gear hitting the market in the next year, as well as exploring the Portland's coffee scene one cup at a time, so expect to see a lot of nonsense both on my Instagram this weekend, and a full vlog in early May.

Anyway, without any further fanfare, hit play on the video above to enjoy some additional Niche Duo content prior to my full review dropping next week.

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