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Who The F**k Is Sprometheus?

The origins of Sprometheus are largely unknown...

actually no, not really.  A Montanan by birth, and a Californian by choice.  I am a graduate of The University of Montana, and a former police officer.  After a relatively short stint in law enforcement, and amidst uncertainty, I found specialty coffee in early 2015.

Since then I've spent endless hours behind an espresso machine, at cafes, and immersing myself in coffee.  Both figuratively and literally.  Unlike most coffee professionals I worked my way into a cafe starting from the technical side at a company called Solutions Espresso Services.  From there I found a love for the craft, and particularly sharing this passion with others.

Sprometheus came to be in 2017 as I aimed to begin branding myself as a personality within the industry, and outside of my local scene in San Diego.  This website, my Instagram, and my YouTube channel are labors of love and I hope bring hours of entertainment, enjoyment, and education to those all over the world.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel which posts new content every Friday, and follow my Instagram for updates and hints on upcoming videos. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback. - Sprometheus, a.k.a. Asa