Coffee Time – Home Baristas Hurting Cafes, Addressing The Drama & More

As the year wraps up...

it seems like a good time to do a good old fashioned 'ask me anything' video.  A lot has gone on since the last one, where I responded to many questions, and even talked about how angry my moka pot recipe has made many Italians. This year's topics appear to be just as interesting, including addressing the drama around Sasa Sestic's Paragon brewer, the home barista movement hurting cafe owners, and even my favorite coffee of the year.

Beyond addressing the drama, I also have some channel and blog news. For the first time since I began posting both here on and on YouTube, I'm finally taking a little well deserved break in January from releasing long form content. So instead of seeing you next week, as I often say while winding down my videos, I'll actually see you again on January 20th. But between now and then, if you really, really miss me, I will still be posting on my Instagram, as well as YouTube Shorts, so I won't be going full radio silence.

With that said, I want to thank you so much for your support, and another record year here and on YouTube, and I'll see ya'll again in 2023.

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