The Aeropress – The Perfect All-Round Brew Recipe

The Aeropress never goes out of style...

for many reasons, its versatile, simple, and has more of an aftermarket than a Honda Civic. It's even got its own competition, the World Aeropress Championship (WAC). Yeah, it's a big deal. Personally, up until a year or so ago I had a rocky relationship with the Aeropress, but found the winning recipes and decided to give it another try. Long story short, I fell back in love with the little pocket rocket. So this year (2021) I decided to compete, and spent some quality time pressing to develop my own all-round Aeropress brew recipe.

Well, as you maybe noticed the world is a bit of a turbulent place at the moment, so I decided to hold off this year, but didn't want to withhold my new favorite recipe from everyone, so I decided to put together this video and share it with the world.  Overall its pretty simple, coffee, water, bloom, water, stir, swirl, and press. Yet, there are some nuances worth explaining and of course some nods to Mr. Hoffmann and the wealth of knowledge that is Jonathan Gagné.

So without any further fanfare, hit play on that video and let's dive into my all-round Aeropress brew recipe.

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