The Aeropress – Top Eight Tips From Champion Recipes

I’m embarrassed to admit this...

but I recently realized that I haven’t broken it out and dusted it off in about two years. I looked back to see when I last did a video on it and that was way back in 2021. So I figured it was time for a quick revisit and refresh. So when it comes to that there’s really no better way re-introduce the Aeropress than looking up and digging through the recent winning Championship recipes. By seeing which ones are landing in those top three podium spots you can really learn a lot. It is more-or-less like getting Aeropress tips from the champions themselves.

When the recipes are published all of the details are there; from brew ratios to bypass, they even cover the water qualities. Personally as someone who previously struggled getting quality, clean and crisp coffees from the Aeropress the recipes shared by the World Aeropress Championship really changed the game for me. So that was the catalyst to my first 'Lessons From The Champions' video, but now is the perfect time to update that with a couple more years of experience and a broader understanding of brewing in general.

If you're ready to up your game, or refresh your skills, or learn something new these Aeropress tips will turn you into a champion in your own right. So without any further fanfare hit that play button on the video above and let's brew this!

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