Barista Challenge – Roll The Dice, Pour The Art, Earn The Cash

On my journey to expand my coffee content...

I'm once again trying something new that I lovingly call the Barista Challenge. The game is simple, roll the latte art dice, pour the design, and win some cash. Of course there are some additional multipliers in the mix. For example, if you roll a basic heart, that's just $5, but if y0u roll the more advanced designs like the rosetta or a swan you can win up to $20. You can also choose to pour in different cups, or with your non-dominant hand to win even more.

So with this random idea in mind, a wad of cash in my pocket, and no idea how to even film something like this properly I hopped into my car and hit some coffee shops. So if you're curious how some of my go-to coffee shops of San Diego faired in this Barista Challenge hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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