Top Three – Easy Home Barista Hacks

Being a home barista is tough...

at times so having some hacks (or tips) is always a plus to help save time and waste.  So I decided to put together a video of my three favorite home barista hacks that have helped me and I'm sure would help you.  I should also preface this with these barista hacks in general aren't solely for those making coffee in their kitchen .  These can come in handy even if you're a professional working in a cafe.

DIY Portafilter Funnel

Using just a razor blade and an empty Yoplait yogurt container you can create a cheap portafilter funnel.  These come in particularly handy when grinding or if you transfer your grounds from a container to your portafilter.  But once you save up some scratch I'd highly recommend picking up a stainless portafilter funnel from Orphan Espresso.

Less Grinder Static & Retention 

I'm sure you've all seen those loose coffee grinds and chaff that stick to your grinder.  For me they are more of an annoyance than anything, but also this static retains some of your coffee in your grinder chamber.  So by simply wetting the back of a spoon and stirring your beans with it will remove most (if not all) of the static from the process.

Keeping Pitchers Cold

Some see this method as a bit "old school", but I think it's a great way to help you finesse and master milk steaming.  The reasoning behind it is the colder the milk (including the pitcher) the longer time you have to properly introduce air and incorporate the air into the milk for proper micro foam texture.  This technique is especially useful if you're new to steaming or struggling for consistency.

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