BoB Espresso Basket – Can This Cheap Upgrade Make Sweeter Shots?

I think it's pretty clear...

that there is no shortage of accessories on the espresso aftermarket. Each one claiming better taste here and more extraction there, and I've tried my fair share of these accessories and shared my tests and thoughts. It should be no surprise that not all of them can be winners, but that is where I come into the picture.  In today's video I'll be testing out Caffewerks newest addition: the BoB espresso basket.

According to its inventor the design produces not only a smoother tasting shot, less chance of channeling, but also more importantly sweeter espresso.  Of course those are some mighty big shoes to fill for just a couple small design changes. Yet, like any other option that hits the market I had to find out for myself if the BoB espresso basket is the real deal, or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors marketing.  So with a new BoB in hand I broke out a good ol' fashioned flat bottom basket to compare the two side-by-side, and pulled a handful of shots of varying recipes.

So to see how it all shakes out and if the BoB espresso basket really works as claimed hit play on the video above.

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