Top Three – Espresso Rules You Should Be Breaking

The internet is full of...

articles, blog posts and videos talking about all the espresso rules you should follow for the best possible shots, but I'm here to tell you; the rules were made to be broken.  In the world of espresso, and all of specialty coffee for that matter, there are very few rules that hold true across the board, and some just plainly should be broken. Getting outside of those rules can pull you out of your comfort zone, or your brewing rut, and really open you up and give you a new perspective.

The three espresso rules I think should be broken are shot time, brew ratios, and letting shots cool before drinking them. For one, I think espresso shot times aren't a finite rule, and faster shots should be rethought now that we have the science behind it, and how it can actually positively affect the outcome. Brew ratios are also great learning tools and starting points, but they are not magic and getting outside of them can have a result in a drastically different result in the cup. Of course the myth of the "dead shot" is something I've covered before, and I still think it's pretty prevalent.

So if you're ready to see me dig into these espresso rules and tell you why breaking them can result in better espresso, hit play on the video above.

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