Cafe Concetto – Metal Aeropress Filters

Cafe Concetto's metal filters...

for the Aeropress has entered a ring that isn't extremely full of challengers.  I've seen them bounce around online a few times in the past, but it seems that no one has fully perfected it...yet.  At least to have it stand up to the tried-and-true paper filters.  For those who have followed along with my coffee journey on here have probably heard once to twice about how I'm not a fan of immersion based coffee preparations.  Cold brew being the worst of the offenders.

Like most coffee enthusiasts, I'm pretty picky.  When it comes to all things coffee I value clarity and acidity over all else.  Immersion brewing, Aeropress included, tends to sometimes really muddle or fully mute them.  That's no bueno. So when Cafe Concetto reached out about their new metal filters and talked about how clean the finished cup can be I thought giving them a try would be worth a shot.  Long story short, it was definitely worth a shot.

The long story is in the video above. But here are the cliff notes.  Paper filters are still the cleanest cup, the 'Fine' filters are reminiscent of a French Press, and the 'Superfine' model cuts the difference between the two.  Cafe Concetto metal filters are definitely a great option for the Aeropress aficionado who's looking to change up the game a bit, and also add some sustainability into your coffee program.

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  1. George Logsdon
    November 1, 2019

    Thank you for giving Cafe Concetto filters a second chance…Besides beautiful rainbow color the Super Fine has given me new hope for the aeropress…no matter what bean I use I can expect a clean, clear cup but still bring out all the hi light notes…


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