Cafe Vlog – Can I Survive This?

Do you remember...

the days before? The days before March 2020? I do, and it's wild being nostalgic for a time just a few short years ago. Yet, as things began to open up again I wanted to relive one of my favorite experiences of the pre-pandemic days, a coffee crawl. By that I mean, grabbing a couple friends on a weekend morning, hopping in the car and hitting a handful of cafes in a matter of a few hours. Drinking all the drinks, tasting all the tastes, and just having a good time in a cafe vlog.

This kind of video is a lot different than my usual, and it may not be for everyone. I get that. But the pressures of being a creator seen as an educator can be debilitating at times. Plus, after the level of interest in my recent question and answer video and the requests of me to do more free flowing content I thought why not show ya'll more of my life outside of the studio and do a cafe vlog.

So enjoy my first attempt at a short cafe vlog where my friends Siri, Sophie, and Pablo the Doggo get over caffeinated and experience a few of the unique coffee experiences San Diego offers.

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