Head-To-Head – Cafelat Robot Vs Flair 58

I'm a man of my word...

and a couple month's ago while reviewing the Robot I said I would soon be releasing a head-to-head battle with the Cafelat Robot and the Flair, but what I didn't tell you was I was waiting for the new 58 to drop. In the world of hand pressed, fully manual espresso machines the Cafelat Robot and Flair 58 are the pinnacle. Anywhere on the internet where one is mentioned, the other isn't far behind. Both are what I would consider a premium option, even though there is a bit of a gap in their pricing. Regardless the question that remains, at least for me, and maybe for you is; which of these heavy hitters in the hand pressed market is the best.

Of course both of these machines are used for the same purpose, and use essentially the same function to create the end result...a shot of espresso.  But as we all most likely know by now, not all lever espresso machines are created equal, and the Cafelat Robot and Flair 58 are no exception to that rule. So in this video I'm putting these two lever-action, hand-press legends to the test by comparing not only the espresso they create, but also their design and workflow.  So hit play on that video above to see if the new Flair on the block can hold its own against the espresso veteran that is the Cafelat Robot.

BONUS GIVEAWAY: Now that I've got the videos I need out of it I'm giving my Flair 58 to someone who would get more use out of it, plus a bag of coffee from my roastery Little Giant.  So swing by my Instagram for the details (open to U.S. entries only this time, sorry international fam).

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