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In a world...

and industry that is increasingly becoming more and more automated, the market for hand-pressed espresso machines is still only growing in popularity. In that market the Cafelat Robot is one of the premium players, and having paid nearly $500 for it also costs a premium. It's unique vintage 1950's sci-fi movie robot styling really sets it apart from the other competition in the segment, as well as being handmade and hand tested prior to shipment.  That type of craftsmanship is a rare thing in 2020, and gives a bit more insight into why the retail price is higher than its competition.

Prior to getting a Cafelat Robot on my bench I had heard nothing but good things about its performance, and as an owner of a couple other hand pressed espresso machines I felt like it's only right to give it a go.  Yet, that also gave me a false sense of security when it came to pulling shots on it. It turned out the Robot has a little bit more of a learning curve, and isn't quite the same as its other hand pressed cousins.  So after about a week of getting things dialed in, chatting with a couple Robot purists, and tasting quite a few shots, I was ready to record a video and make some judgements.

So hit play on the video find out what I like, I don't like, and how to get the best possible shots on the Cafelat Robot.

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