Espresso Anatomy – Cappuccino Vs. Flat White

The debate has raged on...

for as long as I can remember, or at least the time I've been in specialty coffee.  Which granted, isn't that long.  But since I began my career I've heard, read, and contemplated all of the definitions for the differences between the beloved cappuccino, and the rising star, the flat white.  As I took over a role of a trainer and menu development I had to come to a definition that I could teach baristas and customers alike.  This definition should be short and sweet; like a shot of espresso.

So at my work the main difference between the two is the depth and density of the microfoam.  A flat white should be in a six (sometimes eight) ounce cup and have a thin layer of foam, similar to that of a latte.  A cappuccino is in a six (sometimes eight) ounce cup, but should have a layer of foam roughly half an inch thick. So hit play on the video above and see what I define as a flat white and a cappuccino.

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