Top Three – Things I’d Change About The Linea Mini

It may be hard to imagine...

the Linea Mini needing some changes.  It's true that it's a dream machine.  Waking up and making my morning cappuccino on it is part of my daily routine that never gets old.  But no matter how perfect it may seem, using it day in and day out for years you'll eventually start to find some things that could use a bit of a rethink.  The changes I'm proposing are relatively simple and minor in the grand scheme.  They could even be done by someone at home with right tools and a bit of time. I do think La Marzocco should consider them though, as they also won't make the Linea Mini exponentially more expensive. The home barista forums won't blow up about these amazing new features, but instead these small but mighty changes will actually serve a practical purpose.  I know the term practical isn't all that sexy, but lets face it.  We all appreciate practicality in things that really aren't all that practical in to begin with.  There really isn't a lot that's practical about being a home barista.

The changes I'd make to the Linea Mini are basically just annoyances more than they are deal breakers.  If you're considering buying one, these aren't really something I'd worry about.  In fact I'd recommend checking out my year one, year two, and year three reviews instead. It'll take awhile for the honeymoon phase to end, so you likely won't notice these things for quite awhile.  I don't want to completely spoil the video, but the three topics discussed are changing the pump pressure, tracking the water level, and issues with the drip tray.  So if you're curious to see and hear me nitpick the Linea Mini tap that play button above to soak it all up.

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