Espresso Stains & Growing Pains – Choosing My First Coffee

The time has finally come...

for me to choose my first coffee for Little Giant Coffee Roasters.  If you're new around here, over the past few months my professional life has been turned upside down.  The company I was roasting for brought in investors who didn't really seem to care about coffee.  So with just an idea and an office job to fall back on, I quit and put the wheels in motion for something I've been dreaming about doing for years; starting my own coffee roasting company.

No longer hindered by having to try to explain the c-market, and why it makes sense to pay $4 per pound for coffee, I dove head first into this project.  I've finished the website, the Instagram, and mountains of paperwork, and now it's time for the fun part.  Choosing my first coffee.  I had no doubt in my mind that it would be a single origin Ethiopian. So I picked a supplier and I ordered some samples of some amazing coffees.  I then set off to the California Roasting Collective on a sunny Saturday morning, and sat down at roaster for the first time in months.  I hadn't realized how much I missed it, and spent two hours basking in the warm glow of the Mill City sample roaster.  A couple days later I cupped them, and the next day I made my first purchase as a coffee roaster.

But this is just part of the story, check out the video above to see it all happen, plus some insight on how I cup and choose coffees.  If you're wanting to snag one of the 135 bags of coffee that will be sold from this release, I am officially announcing pre-orders for this coffee starting today, and with an anticipated shipping date of March 2nd, 2020. Click here now to get your hands on one.

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  1. SDcoffeee
    February 21, 2020

    Prometheus should offer latte art classes!


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