Fellow Clara – I Bought This $100 French Press So You Don’t Have To

No one ever said that coffee...

was a cheap hobby, and at this point in my whole coffee loving life I've fully accepted that as a reality. Yet, there are still times where the price of some coffee gear really makes me give it a double take, and the Clara French press from Fellow is on that list. Since the mid-eighteen hundreds this simple brewer has been an affordable mainstay in many cafes and kitchens. Of course it's had some upgrades and advances over the years, but its remained widely approachable and attainable due to its sheer simplicity. Fast forward to today, its 2021 and everything must be stylish and over-engineered, but those things come at a cost, and that is actual cost.

The Clara French press is one dollar short of a hundred, and is described as "thoughtful" and "in a league of her own"; So how could I not pick one up? But this leads me to what features Fellow thinks sets this apart from your average cheap and cheerful $20 option. Of course it's got the expected Fellow flair of style and design, but the functional additions include a "enhanced" filter for a cleaner cup, a double wall build to keep it toasty, and some internal markings for a mysterious "French press ratio", whatever that is.

But that's enough words, let's switch over to the moving picture show above where I go quite a bit deeper into this pricy piece of coffee paraphernalia.

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