Coffee Cupping – Increasing Your Coffee Tasting Skill

Lately there has been...

a lot more interest in coffee cupping and tastings, even within those who are more casual coffee drinkers.  For quite some time cupping was something that most casual coffee drinkers had never heard of and looks pretty odd from a distance. It was mostly reserved more for coffee roasters, barista competitors, and green buyers, and occurred mostly behind closed doors. But lately with all, or most of us at home a bit more than we used to be, there seems to be a growing interest in all things coffee. Not only does that mean learning how to brew at home, but also being able to really dig into the nuances of coffee tasting. Thats where coffee cupping comes into the equation.

As the owner, green buyer, roaster, and basically everything else at Little Giant Coffee, I cup coffees on an almost weekly basis. Yeah, I'm most definitely a little spoiled on that front. Yet, when I want to work on my palate development and increase my tasting abilities I break out my favorite coffee cupping exercise called triangulation. I briefly explained it on an Instagram post lately, but it ended up drawing quite a bit of interest so I figured I should actually make a full video explaining how to set up a triangulation table, and go over how it can make you a better coffee taster...if that's something you inspire to be.

So without any further fanfare, hit play on that video above and lets get to tasting!

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