Coffee Time – The Coffee Drink Tier Rankings

It's coffee time...

with your friendly neighborhood Sprometheus.  This is the first episode  in a new series, which will aptly be called "Coffee Time".  In this series I will be front and center talking about all things coffee, reacting to other coffee videos or news, and maybe just sitting down for coffee with a guest.  As I've been doing videos I've become more and more interested in becoming more active on the channel and incorporating more of my personality into my videos.  This first installment is just a nice preview of the shenanigans to come.

Lately the trend on YouTube and online in general is tier rankings.  I've seen tier rankings for fast food, sports teams, Pokémon, and Call 0f Duty games.  There is even an entire site dedicated to making these tier charts.  But using my sheer mastery of all things in Adobe Illustrator I created my own tier from the ground up, and it's banger folks.  In this video I'll be doing coffee drink tier rankings of all the standard coffee drinks served in cafes.  So prepare yourself to be frustrated by my choices and crooked nose.

Of course all of this is in the name of fun.  I would love to hear your thoughts on not only the video itself, but your personal ideas on where the coffee drink tier rankings should fall.  So without further fanfare, click play above, and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel as well as the blog to help me build a coffee empire!

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