Coffee Time – I’m Banned From Italy, YouTube Put Me In Therapy, Best Roasters & More

Those ride or die followers may remember...

that way back when when I hit the milestone of 100 YouTube videos I did a coffee time question and answer (Q&A) video.  Well, recently I hit 100,000 subscribers and I'm quite a bit over video number 200 so I think I'm a little overdue for another one. To prepare I asked both on the YouTube community tab, and on my Instagram to collect some questions and ended up picking a nice spattering covering a handful of different topics.

So in this video I'll be getting into why I find myself staying in specialty coffee, how I deal with haters and critical comments on YouTube, my thoughts on coffee competitions, and even some of my favorite roasters in North America. So if any of this interests you, your cousin, or your pet and you want to get to know me a bit more outside of my standard video format this may just be the video for you.

Of course I should say a big thank you to any and all of you who read, watch and follow me on my coffee journey. I plan to continue making videos about coffee as long as there are new things to talk about. I'm very fortunate to have people who support me in my passion and allowed me to turn it into my career. With that said, if you're ready for coffee time hit play on the video above!

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