Cold Press Espresso – Brewing The Contradiction

Cold press espresso...

sounds nice in theory. As the weather warms up the idea of an iced drink for espresso lovers sounds pretty amazing.  I've heard whispers about a thing called cold press espresso, and it sounds like the perfect option.  But is it really possible? The answer to that is actually a bit more complicated than yes or no.  Of course it's not possible on most traditional espresso machines, as there isn't really a way to avoid the heating of the brew water in the boiler.  But for those of us with hand press espresso machines have the option at our fingertips, so I put the Linea Mini away for this one and pulled out my Flair Pro.

In this video I'll go over the process of making cold press espresso from start to finish. I'll start with the grind and how it effects the puck preparation, and the overall extraction.  Also, I'll go over the main difference between pre-wet and pre-infusion, and why these theories are so important to the process.  Last but not certainly not least, I'll go into how it looks, tastes, and mixes compared to the tried and true hot espresso pull.

So take a few minutes to cool off with me and talk about how cold press espresso works, and if it's worth your time to try it for yourself. Hit play on that video above to get started.

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