Damn Fine Tutorial – Common Latte Art Mistakes

When teaching classes...

I've noticed that regardless of the persons previous exposure to it, ranging from some to none, tend to make one of these three most common latte art mistakes   These mistakes are pouring too fast or too much to start, which leaves you with a washed out surface and less room to pour your art.  Also, not pouring with enough velocity, which causes a bunched up design and doesn't utilize the entire surface area of the cup.  Last but not least is not lifting prior to the pull through, which causes your design to either fold over onto itself, or leaves a snail trail through the entire thing.

Don't let these get you down though, we all had to start somewhere and these are easy fixes.  Working past these most common latte art mistakes you'll be pouring like pro in no time.  But always remember, latte art is just the icing on the specialty coffee cake.  It's a lot of fun and very rewarding, but in the end learning the basics to pulling a great shot of espresso and steaming milk are key to the final product.

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