Espresso Anatomy – The Modern Cortado

The Cortado is one of my...

go to espresso drinks. Theres nothing better than a little espresso beverage and not spending a fortune.  Especially when you're like me and usually hit at least three coffee shops when I go out.  It's easy to get over-caffeinated and up feeling a little wonky.  So keeping things small and mighty is the key. Plus, even though I'm a whole milk or no milk kind of guy, I like to try and keep my intake of dairy in check.

The name Cortado is of Spanish decent, and it means 'to cut'. So its all about cutting the espresso with steamed milk.  The ratio of espresso to milk is fifty-fifty, so you get the best of both worlds.  Enough to get the flavor profile and strength of the coffee, with just enough milk to get the sweetness and smooth texture. Plus, its only four ounces.  Which means its designed to be enjoyed quickly, like a little afternoon pick-me-up.

I feel like a Cortado is so simple and delicious, yet when I looked around online there was a lot more debating.  Having come into specialty coffee in 2015 my only experience with it has been with what I've dubbed the "modern" Cortado.  In this video I go over how I make, and train other baristas to make it.  Also, remember the three most important words, "pinky width perfection".  You'll have to watch the video to find out that means.

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