Crossland CC1 – The Best Single Boiler You’ve Never Heard Of

I fancy myself a pretty experienced espresso guy...

so you can imagine my surprise when a machine landed on my bar that had not once popped up on my radar. The Crossland CC1 is a home-focused, feature dense, and affordable prosumer espresso machine that at a glance looks like a lovechild of two of the biggest names in that segment; the Rancilio Silvia Pro X and Gaggia Classic Pro.

Even more shocking was how many sought after home espresso options were packed into this seemingly simple machine. The Crossland CC1 touts not only programmable pre-infusion, a PID controlled stainless steel boiler, and three shot pre-sets ready to be ran at the press of a button, but also some serious heritage. The CC1 inherits its name from its creator, Bill Crossland, who was also a leader in designing the legendary La Marzocco GS3.

With all these feathers in its hat it's hard for me to understand why the Crossland CC1 hasn't been a more popular choice among espresso lovers aiming to take their craft home. So in today's video I plan on putting it to the test myself, to see if it can live up to the current heavy hitters in the market, and if it just so happens to the home espresso missing link.

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