DF64P – The Budget Lagom

When it comes to espresso grinders...

the options are seemingly endless. But there are a handful that seem to continuously garner praise among the home barista community, and one that really took off in 2020 was the DF64. It hit the market when single dosing, home grinders were in high demand, and the Niche Zero had the market cornered, but couldn't build them fast enough. This perfect storm, coupled with a much lower price and consistent availability lifted the DF64 to prominence, and that success has now spawned a full line of DF grinders, including today's model the DF64P.

That little P at the end of the name stands for 'premium'. Of course that can mean a lot of things, but in the case of DF64P it denotes a metal body, titanium coated burrs, an all new grind adjustment design. With those upgrades it seems it moves past the Niche Zero comparisons, and closer to a the more premium (see what I did there?) and somewhat similar Lagom P64.

So in this video we'll dive into the DF64P, its design, performance, and of course a head-to-head with the P64. So if you're interested in seeing if it's truly a balling on a budget espresso grinder hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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