DF64V – A Giant Killer On A Budget?

The DF line of grinders...

has become more or less a disrupter in the home coffee space, and the new DF64V is again putting the market giants on notice. Considering it's packed with features like adjustable RPM, a brushless motor, and coated burrs. All of which are often reserved for those willing to drop four figures or more on a home coffee grinder. On top of all of that the DF64V is doing all of that for just a dollar short of $600.

With all of that said, it's also not without its faults, and the big question is, can the overall benefits, i.e. the savings in your pocket, outweigh its potential issues? Well that’s what we’ll be looking into today on top of a taking a closer look at its features, their performance, what it produces both inside and outside of the cup, and of course its downsides. As a bonus we'll also do a quick and dirty comparison the eerily similar Option-O Lagom P64. Another home coffee grinder that shares not only similar looks, but also a near carbon copied spec sheet.

So if you're ready to get into it hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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