Damn Fine Tutorial – Cascara Soda

Cascara soda has quickly become..

one of my favorite beverages when I've had one to many coffees.  Plus, its fizzy, slightly sweet, caffeinated, and has antioxidants.  It's also a byproduct of processing coffee, and was previously discarded or use to make a tea at origin.  Today with the large push for sustainability the markets that buy coffee have found a value and a market for it.  Now it's selling at the same or similar prices as the specialty coffee it's coming from.  This is good for everyone because its another form of income for the farmers.  It also expands the reach of specialty coffee to those who may be more into tea.

Cascara is Spanish for "husk", which in this case means the fruit off of the coffee cherry.  The same processes that effect the flavor of your coffee also effect the flavor of the cascara.  Since I do have a soft spot for coffees that are naturally processed, I've enjoyed the natural process cascara the most.  Yet, the washed process Costa Rican from Verve is still good, and carries those raisin and sweet tobacco notes that I enjoy in this carbonated, caffeinated tea.  But I'd recommend trying out a few different types prior to making a judgement, the first time I had cascara I was not a fan, but it grew on me.

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