Damn Fine Tutorial – Latte Art To Go

Latte art in to go cups...

is a totally different beast than your average porcelain pour.  Outside of the fact that I think coffee is best enjoyed in for here cups, having the option for to go is non-negotiable.  Especially in Westernized societies that are always on the go.  At work we even switched our till to automatically assume an order is to go because we were having to constantly mark things to go.  That being said, even if a coffee is ordered to go it still needs to meet or exceed our company standards for serving.  That means at minimum a heart must be poured.

As I mentioned pouring latte art in to go cups isn't 100% the same as it is for here cups. For one the dynamics of a to go cup aren't designed with flow control in mind.  They also are much deeper and often have less surface area on top, this means its up to the barista to be a bit more gentle, or more forceful at times.  I don't want to give the video away though, so press play and soak up that knowledge and finesse!

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