Damn Fine Tutorial – Creating A Roast Profile

Creating a roast profile...

isn't rocket science.  There are some rules I subscribe to, but generally I approach each coffee with an open mind.  Of course the coffee's origin, elevation, and the processing are all factors.  But there is nothing like starting on Cropster with a blank slate and trying to find the key to unlocking a coffee's flavor potential.

The biggest reason I made this video is because when I began roasting (almost exactly a year ago today) I spent hours watching videos and researching roasting methods and techniques. Without a mentor starting out is tough.  Outside of Mill City's Roaster School there really wasn't a full on roast-a-long with the profile itself being highlighted and explained.

So when I thought about what I wanted to post to celebrate my first year of roasting, I thought putting this video together would be a great way to share what I've learned.  I also thought it would be a great way to open up a conversation with other roasters, or aspiring roasters to learn more about their ideas and techniques.  I'm a firm believer that a rising tide, raises all boats.  No secrets, we're all just trying to roast great coffee.

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