Damn Fine Tutorial – The Rose

A rose by any other name...

would smell as sweet as a delicious latte with some rose art.  I think that's what Shakespear said.  Either way its time for new Damn Fine Tutorial for a new (at least new to me) design.  Personally I've never been huge on latte art pours that aren't symmetrical.  But since I realized its been awhile since I've done a latte art tutorial I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and learn a new pour.

The rose is a pretty advanced pour.  There are lots of techniques used from other pours, so if you're still struggling with rippled bases, tulips, or milk steaming I'd recommend getting those down first.  If you feel ready to dive in to a new pour than by all means check it out.  Outside of what I talk about in the video, its important to remember to be patient with yourself as you learn new pours.  Its easy to get down on yourself and cruise through a gallon of milk and a bag of coffee.  I've found limiting myself to a few tries at a time is best way to get into a rhythm.  Lastly, if you have the ability to film your pours from a different angle, do it.  Watching your pours is invaluable into understanding the issues you're having, and how to fix them.

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  1. Kenneth Baiz
    June 28, 2019

    Darn fine rose Spro!


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