Damn Fine Tutorial – Latte Art Edition: Rosetta

The classics are...

classic for a reason.  The Rosetta is an uncontested classic, and you’ll find a variation of it in nearly every craft cafe you walk into.  Like all of the standard designs it’s also a building block to more complex pours.

For me the Rosetta and I have a love-hate relationship. When I get it right, it get it very right. But when it goes wrong, it goes very wrong.  The key to the perfect Rosetta, like any other latte art pour, is developing the muscle memory for the key movements.  In this Damn Fine Tutorial I'll go over some of the finer points that pulled my rosetta game from "meh" to mastery.

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  1. […] blocks of simpler pours to make it work.  The most similar design to this one is the classic Rosetta. Using that as the base for the Swan is key.  Then creating the wing, neck, and head are the […]


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