Damn Fine Tutorial – Latte Art Edition: The Slosetta

Like most coffee professionals...

my Instagram feed is chalk full of some of the best latte artists.  There is something so oddly satisfying about watching a skillful latte pour.  Thats why I am always challenging myself and trying to add new pours to my playbook.  As of late I've fallen in love with the slosetta.  The name is basically the combination of a slow and rosetta.  The pour is just that.  Instead of the faster, tighter ripples of the classic rosetta, the slosetta uses a slower side-to-side motion to make a similar design.

I've taken a bit of a new direction on this video in terms of how I filmed it due to some feedback on my last couple latte art tutorials.  Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about what I should add to videos moving forward.

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  1. […] Yet, over the past year my go to pitcher has been the Welhome Pro handleless with a round spout. I picked this piece up from my friends at Slow Pour Supply after noticing their commitment to the coffee community.  It took some getting used to, but once I developed the muscle memory for it my progress in latte art took off.  The controllability, and bold lines this pitcher and spout allows for really helped me develop my favorite pour, the slosetta. […]


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