Damn Fine Tutorial – Latte Art Edition: The Tulip

Since Spring is always associated with the blooming of flowers...

It's only appropriate to pour some sick tulips.  The tulip is one of the simplest designs, but also has so many great variations on the original.  You can do the standard three stack tulip, or endlessly add more stacks, wiggles, and even a swan if you're feeling saucy. 

  1. Just like any other latte art design the tulip requires properly steamed milk with microfoam.

  2. Next you'll need to pour a base for your art, remember this base should be poured from 4-6 inches from the surface.

  3. Once your cup is about 50% full stop, lower the pitcher very close to the center surface of the espresso.

  4. Begin with your first stack of the tulip  pouring at a medium pace, as it pours push it to the back of the cup.

  5. Once you have your first stack, stop pull back a bit, and do it again, and again (maybe even a few more times).

  6. At this point your cup should be pretty full, and it will be time to cut through the design.

  7. lift the pitcher about 2-3 inches from the surface so when you cut through the line of milk is very thin

Now get to steaming and stacking!  

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