Five Tips – For Dialing In A Light Roast

With the ever growing popularity...

around the world of specialty and third wave coffee, light roasts are becoming more and more common in cafes and kitchens. With lighter roasts  come not only more unique flavors that can really showcase the coffee's origin and the roaster's skill, but they can also be somewhat tricky to brew well. Not only as a good old fashioned filter coffee, but more particularly as a shot of espresso. Lighter roasts are not only harder to extract properly because of their increased density (darker roasts are more brittle), but also they can create some incredibly intense acidity and unpleasant sourness. So dialing in a light roast espresso that doesn't taste like battery acid, or as some baristas so lovingly call it a "face melter", is a skill in itself, but it's not impossible.

So in this video I'll go over the five tips you can control as a barista, either advanced or beginner, to get the most out of your favorite light roast as an espresso, flat white or whatever your heart desires. Honestly, these tips also translate to brewing, and dialing in more than just espresso, so keep these in mind as you about dialing in any coffee for any method. Plus, I'll go through some of the more common flavor issues you may run into during the process, and how to adjust your dial in to get that perfect flavor in your cup. So grab a cup of coffee, break out your notebook, make sure your pen is at the ready, and hit play on that video above so we can get straight into dialing in a light roast espresso.

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