Damn Fine Tutorial – Dialing In Espresso

Dialing in espresso is a fundamental skill...

for any barista, home or professional.  Being able to understand how grind size effects your brew time, flavor, and consistency is hugely important.  Even though coffee is very much subjective about whats good, bad, or downright undrinkable, it's important to me to do my best to recreate the flavor experience the roaster of the coffee wanted me to have.

  1. Prep your portafilter, make sure its clean and dry to avoid channeling.

  2. Weigh and tare out your portafilter before grinding your coffee, remember consistency is key.

  3. Grind your espresso into your portafilter, distribute however you prefer, and tamp flat.

  4. Rinse your group, prep your cup, scale, tare it out and start the pump.

  5. Using your recipe, which for this espresso is 18g in, 40g out, in 28 seconds, see where your shot falls.

  6. Is it too fast, or too slow?  If its fast, fine your grind up. If its too slow, coarse is the way to go.

  7. Remember to make small incremental changes to your grind, little changes go a long way!

Now get dialed!

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