The Flair Espresso – Dialing In The Flair

Dialing in is one of...

the more challenging things about being a specialty coffee barista.  We're dealing with a lot of factors, and it can be pretty frustrating chasing that perfect shot.  Dialing in can even be more daunting as a home barista.  We generally don't always have other professionals to bounce our ideas and questions off of, and even forums and tutorials can be a bit daunting.  So for this week's video I've teamed up with the awesome crew at Flair Espresso to do a dialing in tutorial that goes more in depth than I've gone before.

Not only will I go over how to pull a shot from start to finish, but I'll go into detail about grind size, reading the extraction cues, and what great shots should look like.  Using the Flair really gives you a front row experience in dialing in and pulling shots.  Being involved in each piece of the process from start to finish allows you to fully understand the importance of proper heat retention, grind size, and pressure.

Check out the video above, let me know if you have any questions, and click here to get a closer look at this rad little Flair Signature Pro.

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