Espresso Anatomy – Do Precision Baskets Matter?

When it comes to espresso...

experimentation is half of the fun, at least to me it is, and since you're here reading about some seriously nerdy coffee stuff you likely feel the same way. So in the spirit of experimentation and my own personal curiosity I decided to test something I've been wondering about for awhile. Since my start with espresso I've always had a healthy level of  skepticism about accessories claiming better shots.  Similar to a recent video about shower screens, I am now putting multiple brands of precision baskets to the test to see if they actually matter.

With four of the most popular and widely trusted options on the market, VST, IMS, Pullman, and Strada by La Marzocco, I want to test for myself if there truly is a difference between "precision baskets". The claims from one manufacturer to another are essentially the same. More accurate holes in terms of shape, diameter, and spacing. Of course some have an additional coating here, or a ridge there, but in the end all of this fuss and fluff is for one specific goal: better espresso.

But the question is can we realistically taste or experience the difference between precision baskets, or is this just an exercise in futility and brand loyalty? Well, hit play on the video above and let's find out.

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