Top Three – Easy Home Brew Methods

Brewing coffee at home...

can be a daunting adventure to embark on for those who don't look at coffee as a hobby or a passion, but more as a daily necessity.  Considering we're all in the same boat right now, and making coffee at home appears to be something we'll be doing regularly for some uncertain amount of time. I figured it's as good of time as any to put together a simple guide to brewing coffee at home. Taking on things like brew ratios, scales, and other relatively complicated methods we coffee nerds take as common knowledge.

To get this done I put together a few of the most popular drinks in, and out of cafes, and showed step-by-step how to produce a good cup of coffee regardless of what equipment someone may or may not have on hand.  Starting with the simplest first I go over how to make a basic French Press, then a Pour Over, and last but not least how to make "espresso" using an Aeropress, and creating nicely texture milk foam in a French Press.  It's my hope that this basic tutorial will not only help people struggling at while stuck home with their need for coffee. Also, who knows, maybe out of all of this we'll create some future coffee nerds.

Only time will tell, but for now hit play on that video above, and don't forget to order your coffee and merch from your favorite roasters to help them weather this storm as best as they can.  If you're looking for a resource of great roasters to order from check out this article from Sprudge, or support your friendly local Sprometheus and snag a bag from Little Giant Coffee Roasters.

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