ECM Synchronika – German Built By Italian Heritage

Over my time as a home barista...

there are a handful of machines that get brought up in nearly every espresso conversation, and one of them is the ECM Synchronika. This makes sense because on paper it's a needle in a haystack. It comes with dual boilers, PID for consistent temperature control, the legendary (but divisive) E61 group, and even a relatively inexpensive option for flow control.

So as you can see the overall reverence of the ECM Synchronika makes sense, but personally I had never used one so the jury was still out. Fast forward to about two months ago when ECM and Whole Latte Love (US ECM distributer) reached out and offered a short term loaner to review with no strings I snapped it up.

So finally the wait is over, my review of this highly requested machine is live, so if you're curious to see how the ECM Synchronika performed on my bar hit play on the video above.

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