El Rocio Zarre V2 – Two Pump Chump Or Champ?

If you've never heard of...

the El Rocio Zarre V2 you wouldn't be alone, its a brand and machine I've only recently been seeing over the past couple months. The main reason for this is El Rocio is a Korean made machine and up until their partnership with Prima Coffee Equipment wasn't available for the US market.  What makes this all the more interesting is Prima actually helping El Rocio develop this version of the Zarre known as at the V2.

On paper it sounds pretty great. It rocks a dual boiler with PID, manual pressure profiling, semi-auto shot programming, and much more at what seems like a reasonable price considering the options. So when Prima reached out and offered to send me their traveling demo machine to try out for a month I happily agreed.

Now as my time the the Zarre V2 comes to a close, I've got a lot to say about the machine, its functions and of course its overall quality. So if you're as curious about this new entry into the prosumer market as I was hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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