Espresso Anatomy – Espresso & Brew Temperature

Not all brew temperatures...

are created equal.  I feel like this topic is something that isn't talked about very often, but it can be hugely beneficial to your final cup flavor.  For example, have you ever wondered why cold brew and hot coffee from the same beans taste so incredibly different?  Well, that's down to a couple things, of course the brew time is hugely different.  But also, when you brew with hot water coffee extracts faster and it tends to pull out more of the unique flavors and acidity, among other things.  So in this video I wanted to show how the temperature of the water can effect the final product in your cup.

The results were pretty interesting, and following that same methodology (starting low to high) you can narrow down the ideal espresso brew temperature for whatever coffee you're using.  Each bean will of course be a little different, if you want a less acidity and more sweetness, dial down the heat.  If you want something a bit more balanced with more acidity, add a bit more heat.  The espresso brew temperature also can make your shot run faster or slower. So if you want to make small changes in brew time you can use the heat to make that happen as well.

But I don't want to give away all those espresso secrets in this one, so hit play on the video above and soak it up.

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