Espresso Anatomy – Which Distribution Tool Is Most Effective?

When it comes to espresso...

there is one variable that I think is undeniable in its importance, and that is an even distribution. Having a puck of coffee grinds that is not only uniform in depth but also in density ensures that when the water pressure is applied the flow rate is equal as it travels through. Without proper espresso distribution water will do what water does, and that's find the fastest route through the coffee, the path of least resistance. This is what we in the coffee world call channeling.

As you maybe guessed or already know, there are many tools and methods aimed at making distribution easy and consistent. In today's video I'll be putting five of the most common and most popular in a head to head comparison. From the simplest form, using your hand to tap the portafilter, to the somewhat intricate and delicate process of the Weiss Distribution Technique. Each process tested brings something new to the table to give a broader view of their results. So if you're curious to see how all of these common espresso distribution methods compare in terms of the coffee's extraction and flavor hit play on the video above and let's brew this.

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