Top Three – Espresso Machine Misconceptions

It's time I clear up...

all these rampant espresso machine misconceptions.  Okay, maybe rampant is a bit aggressive, but they are surprisingly common. I mean, there are a few things I see at cafes, in homes, and get questions about regularly that should be straightened out.  So with those things in mind I figured making a video about them is the best way to reach the most people, and it seems everyone loves a good list video. So I narrowed it down to the top three most common espresso machine misconceptions, filmed a video, and now it's here for your viewing pleasure.

Without further a fanfare, these misconceptions are starting your shot time at the first drop, you need nine bars of pressure to make espresso, and using the hot water spout for making Americanos and .  All of which are false.  In the video I go over each in detail, and why each of them should not be done.  It really is just a fountain of knowledge, so hit play on that video above.  Don't forget to subscribe to get more coffee goodness in your inbox weekly!

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