Coffee Hack – The Espresso Machine Pour Over

As the saying goes...

"necessity is the mother of invention", and this week's post is born purely out of my love for a simple and delicious cup of coffee. But I should back up just slightly and give a little context as to what I'm talking about. As you may of guessed I'm a big lover of all things espresso based, hence the name Sprometheus, and the nearly constant barrage of espresso based videos I put out weekly.  Yet, I do still have a deep appreciation and love for a black cup of coffee.  Whether its from an automated brewer, or a skilled baristas hand, I can't deny that sometimes I just need a simple cup of coffee to sip on.

I've considered picking up a coffee brewer for home, but I my old apartment doesn't have enough power in the kitchen to sustain many appliances  without tripping the breaker.  Even just plugging in my kettle along with my standard kitchen appliances and espresso machine will often mean a total kitchen black out.  So while sharing my coffee woes with my brother he mentioned making an espresso machine pour over. I've heard of this before, but only while using a specially programed Decent DE1. I outright dismissed it as something not possible for your average espresso machine.  But this time around I felt like it was a challenge worth accepting and something that would make a great video.

So I picked up a Kalita Wave, a Clever Dripper, and my personal favorite, a Hario V60 and got to work.  The results were pretty surprising, and slightly confusing. So hit play on that video above and let's make an espresso machine pour over.

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