Espresso Anatomy – Do Puck Screens Work?

As if there weren't...

enough tools and accessories out there for pulling shots, it's time to look at yet another advertised as your fast pass to better extractions; the Bplus espresso puck screens. Of course, many of us espresso nerds have heard all of this before, many times over. So I'm sure you could understand my skeptical approach to this fifty-eight millimeter disc of steel mesh. Yep, that's it. It's very simple in design, application, and in theory it should work.  They call it a "lower contact shower screen" because as it sits on top of your freshly tamped grinds and should provide a more even distribution of water.

The question is, does it. In a perfect world a more even distribution of water solves a lot of the issues. It reduces the occurrence of channeling, as well as provides a consistent flow of water though the grinds. This results in not only a more balanced extraction, but likely would also increase the overall extraction yield. So if these Bplus espresso puck screens actually work in that way, it would absolutely be a worthwhile addition to any espresso lovers coffee bar. So I guess at this point it's time to hit play on the video and see if it meets these high expectations.

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  1. Richard Orwin
    August 9, 2021

    Profitec pro 800 with B plus screen lever machine wonderful !
    Use the next size puck went from 22 gram to 24 gram


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