Espro Bloom – Brewing A Faster Cup

Brewing coffee quickly...

hasn't always been looked at as a good thing, but as we've developed a better understanding of extraction it's become more widely accepted. First science told us to run faster shots of espresso, and now the Espro Bloom has entered the fray claiming tasty brews in record time. They do this by utilizing a unique filter design, steeper walls, and a flat bottom with 1,502 "precision cut" holes. Adding all of these features together, plus an ideal grind size, should result in a two minute cup of coffee that rivals that of the more widely known pour over names like the Hario V60 and Kalita Wave.

After seeing it make the rounds on Instagram and some forums, I figured it was time to try the Espro Bloom out for myself. Now that I've had it as part of my pour over lineup for the past few months, and put some coffee through it I've come to a point where I am ready to give it a thorough review. Is this new kid on the block good enough to allow your other pour over drippers to begin collecting dust on the shelf? Well, hit play on that video above to get the full breakdown on how the Espro Bloom measures up to it's stiff, and more seasoned competition.

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  1. Susan
    May 9, 2021

    Love espresso with the pour over style, have been using for many many years☕️


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