Mignon Libra – Can Eureka Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

In a home coffee market seemingly dominated by single dosers...

Eureka took a look at the competition and said "nah, we’re gonna go with a hopper". On the surface the Mignon Libra looks a lot like many of its other Mignon relatives with its tall, rectangular body, single adjustment dial and telltale squared off hopper. But what makes it a truly unique option for home espresso workflow is its instant grind weighing technology. This is the first Mignon with such a feature, and according to Eureka it allows you to grind on demand to an extremely accurate +/- .2 of a gram.

As you maybe expected, in this video I'll be looking into that claim as well as coving all of its notable features, how it performs both in terms of grinding and the cups it produces, and of course its quirks and downsides. So if you're ready to dive in hit play on the video above and let's brew this!

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