Eureka Mignon Single Dose – The Real Niche Killer?

The home grinder market...

has more or less exploded with options over the last couple years, many of them single dose, aimed at taking on the current king; the Niche Zero.  Some of them even touted as the "Niche killer", and now Eureka, a grinder company with over one hundred years experience, has entered the battle with their very own Mignon single dose.

On the outside it bares an uncanny resemblance to the Niche, but on the inside it carries one major difference. Instead of conical burrs like the Niche, the Mignon changes up the game with the often sought after flat burrs. Beyond that it touts many of the features that are expected of a high quality, pro-sumer grinder, like stepless grind adjustments and minimal retained grinds.

So the big question is, can it out perform the Niche Zero in all the categories that made it one of the most sought after home coffee grinders in the world? Well, that's what I'll be getting to the bottom of today, so hit play on the video above to see if the Mignon single dose can knock the king off its pedestal.

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